Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 160

Start: 6:58am
Weather: Clear and Cold
Time/Distance/Pace: 2:17:54 - 12 miles - 11:29

Thoughts: I felt pretty good for this run. I didn't hit a wall and my Achilles never pinched like it did the previous week. At around 10 to 11 miles in my hips began to hurt, but that only bothers me during the run so I'm not concerned about it. I continue to ice my heel and it typically feels fine prior to my Tuesday or Saturday runs but begins to bother me again afterward. As long as it doesn't get worse I think I am fine for the marathon. I keep hoping that it strengthens up and the pain goes away all together.

Total Training Distance: 372.17 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 18:23:16

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 158

Start: 4:42am
Weather: Clear and Cold
Time/Distance/Pace: 56:52 - 5 miles - 11:22

Thoughts: I kept my 11-12 minute pace to take it easy on my Achilles. Basically all running now revolves around my Achilles, and most of my thought during the day. I'm icing it several times a day which seems to help. It still hasn't hurt since last week's long run but I feel pressure and I'm always aware of it. I'm hoping that if I continue to take it easy and ice it often that it will either toughen up like my knees or at least hold out until the marathon. Speaking of which, we booked a condo at Sugarloaf for marathon weekend, I'm starting to get excited for it.

Total Training Distance: 360.17 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 15:55:22

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 156

Start: 4:11am
Weather: Clear, Windy and Cold
Time/Distance/Pace: 1:32:07 - 8 miles - 11:31

Thoughts: Quite the blustery morning. I kept the pace slow because of my tender Achilles. At this point I'm pretty much going to be running 11-12 minute miles to make sure I can get the distance in during the week without injuring myself. I've resigned to the fact that this is just my first marathon and I shouldn't be worried about my pace at all. Near the end of my run I was surprised by a fireball shooting across the sky. It was slow and bluish-white and turned to green as it approached the horizon. It lasted at least two seconds. I submitted it to the American Meteor Society's Fireball Sightings site, the second time I have done so.

Total Training Distance: 355.17 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 14:58:30

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 155

Start: 4:50am
Weather: Clear and Cold
Time/Distance/Pace: 47:40 - 4 miles - 11:46

Thoughts: My Achilles was sore and tight so I took it nice and slow. It loosened up a little bit after a mile or two but it never got comfortable to run on. I need to just keep exercising, stretching and icing it and hope it doesn't become a bigger issue.

Total Training Distance: 347.17 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 13:26:23

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 153

Start: 5:37am
Weather: Clear and Cool
Time/Distance/Pace: 3:14:56 - 16.01 miles - 12:11

Thoughts: This was a fun run. My wife and I stayed in Portland overnight for our anniversary, so I started from the hotel and ran to Casco Bay Lines via Portland Trails paths. The first half of the run flew by because it was all new trail to me. The second half was on Back Bay and East End trails which I've run before, but at least it wasn't the same loop on the island. I never really hit my wall during this run, which was exciting because it finally felt like completing a marathon was possible. The only real issue I had was that my Achilles started pinching at 13 miles, which concerns me.

Total Training Distance: 343.17 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 12:38:43

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 149

Start: 4:08am
Weather: Clear and Cool
Time/Distance/Pace: 1:32:25 - 8 miles - 11:33

Thoughts: I had to set my alarm clock to 3:30am in order to wake for this one. I kept my pace pretty slow because my previous run had finished only 8 hours earlier. Unfortunately, by the end of the run my left Achilles had started bothering me again. Hopefully, it can recover before my long run like last week.

Total Training Distance: 327.16 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 9:23:47

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 148

Start: 6:59pm
Weather: Clear and Cool
Time/Distance/Pace: 42:27 - 4.01 miles - 10:36

Thoughts: A rare evening run as I couldn't leave my son home alone early in the morning to do my run. It was a nice evening; it was almost warm, the sun was setting and there were peepers out (what are they doing out in March?). My legs felt decent; surprisingly recovered from the weekend, though my calves were a little tight.

Total Training Distance: 319.16 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 7:51:22

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 146

Start: 9:46am
Weather: Warm and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 2:45:29 - 15 miles - 11:02

Thoughts: A long ass run, but I completed it. I hit the wall at about 13.5 miles and shuffled through the last 1.5 miles. It didn't help that I was doing the same 1.8 mile figure-8 loop because I had to check in on my son who was home alone. This was my first run with my Brooks Green Silence, and I loved them. I had to slow myself down after the first mile because I ran it in 9:30 without realizing I was going so fast. This was also the first run of the year that I did in shorts, it was nice and warm out and by the end of the run I had a sunburn on my forehead. Probably the first sunburn I've ever had in March in Maine.

Total Training Distance: 315.15 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 7:08:55

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 144

Start: 4:42am
Weather: Cold, Icy and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 1:01:58 - 4 miles - 15:29

Thoughts: My left Achilles has been giving me a hard time. It only pinches a little during long runs, but it's been "creaking" during the day. Besides being annoying, it worries me that it may lead to something worse if I don't take care of it. From what I've read most people suggest taking 2 weeks off running, but at this point I can't afford to do that. My miles are really ramping up and if I skip two weeks I will not be able to complete the runs the following week and would probably injure myself. So, I've added some stretches for my Achilles as well as eccentric heel raises and icing twice a day. I also walked these four miles instead of running. I'm hoping that the four days off from running will be enough to prevent injury from my 15 miler on Saturday. Good news though, my Brooks Green Silence showed up today. Oh, and 300 miles total training distance!

Total Training Distance: 300.15 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 4:23:26

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 142

Start: 4:34am
Weather: Cool and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 1:16:26 - 7 miles - 10:55

Thoughts: Again I felt pretty good on this run. The weather was mild for the second day in a row, which is encouraging. I didn't have any real pain to fight through, though my hips began to ache near the end of the run and my left Achilles got tight. I'm starting to think my hips, rather than my knees, are what I have to worry about.

I'm planning on running Tough Mudder in July, so soon I'm going to have to look at training for it once I've completed this marathon. I also have to schedule out training for the MDI Marathon in October and see if there is any overlap between the training schedules. I think I will take a shot at Hal Higdon's Novice 2 training.

Total Training Distance: 296.15 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 3:21:28

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 141

Start: 4:51am
Weather: Cool and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 31:49 - 3 miles - 10:36

Thoughts: All in all, I felt pretty good. I was pretty psyched that my legs were able to recover from my long run so quickly. They weren't 100%, but there were no sore joints or cramped muscles. The temperature is starting to get up there as well, no need for winter hat and gloves.

Total Training Distance: 289.15 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 2:05:02

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 139

Start: 6:54am
Weather: Cold and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 1:43:40 - 10 miles - 10:22

Thoughts: I've hit week 20 out of 30 as well as broken 2 days worth off total training time. This was the best 10+ miles I've run so far, I did not crash at 7 miles like I have previously. I tried out Clif Shot Bloks during this run to see if a boost in carbs, caffeine and electrolytes would help. I had a serving before my run and another at mile 6 and my pace didn't continue to drop like it normally does (miles 8 and 9 were actually better than mile 7), so it seemed to help.

Total Training Distance: 286.15 miles
Total Training Time: 2D 1:33:13

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 137

Start: 4:59am
Weather: Cool and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 44:43 - 4 miles - 11:10

Thoughts: I took this run easy, making sure that my legs are able to recover for the long run this weekend. Tomorrow I'm planning on buying new running shoes, Brooks Green Silence, and registering for the Sugarloaf Marathon.

Total Training Distance: 276.15 miles
Total Training Time: 1D 23:49:33

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 136

Start: 4:35am
Weather: Cold and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 1:13:04 - 7.01 miles - 10:26

Thoughts: A very good run indeed. I had recovered from the race and long run on Sunday and my body felt ready to run. I kept a good pace for the entire run. I think this was the first time I didn't feel fatigued after 6 miles. It seems that 7 miles is just about as far as I can run in the morning when getting up at 4am and leaving enough time to shower. When the mileage goes up, I'm probably going to have to start getting up at 3:30am.

Total Training Distance: 272.15 miles
Total Training Time: 1D 23:04:50

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 134

Start: 5:00am
Weather: Cold and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 38:04 - 3 miles - 12:41

Thoughts: Probably the most painful three miles I've ever run. My legs were completely exhausted from the 13 miles the day before. I am going to look forward to taking a day off.

Total Training Distance: 265.14 miles
Total Training Time: 1D 21:51:46

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 133

Start: 12:13pm
Weather: Cold, Icy and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 1:57:55 - 9.8 miles - 12:02

Thoughts: This run was after run the Irish Road Rover 5k, where I had a pretty quick time. I paid for that quick time. My hips hurt from the beginning and my pace was slow throughout. Where Back Bay wasn't muddy it was wet, and where it wasn't wet it was icy. By about mile 7 I was ready to quit, but I kept pushing through. I tried to measure my run out so I ended back at my car at 10 miles but came up a little short. I would have finished those 0.2 miles but it was getting too close to boat time. I run the next two days, hopefully I recover before next weekend's long run.

Total Training Distance: 262.14 miles
Total Training Time: 1D 21:39:15

Irish Road Rover 5k

Start: 11:02am
Weather: Cold and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 25:11 - 3.12 miles - 8:04

Thoughts: On this day in my training I was supposed to run a half marathon, but there were none available locally. So, instead I ran this 5k with a bunch of coworkers and followed it will a 10 mile run. It was a run through downtown Portland with about 900 people. It was a fast run with many hills and the crowd was really screaming at the finish line. I really upped my pace for this run and was very pleased with my time, though my left hip hurt after the race was over.


Total Training Distance: 252.34 miles
Total Training Time: 1D 19:41:20

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 130

Start: 5:08am
Weather: Cold, Windy and Snowy
Time/Distance/Pace: 33:00 - 3.04 miles - 10:54

Thoughts: It was blizzarding out and my wife was kind enough to put my STABILicers in the garage since winter is "over." So it was the hardest 3 miles I've run in a while and was rough on my hamstrings because of all the slippage.

Total Training Distance: 249.22 miles
Total Training Time: 1D 19:16:09