Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 133

Start: 12:13pm
Weather: Cold, Icy and Clear
Time/Distance/Pace: 1:57:55 - 9.8 miles - 12:02

Thoughts: This run was after run the Irish Road Rover 5k, where I had a pretty quick time. I paid for that quick time. My hips hurt from the beginning and my pace was slow throughout. Where Back Bay wasn't muddy it was wet, and where it wasn't wet it was icy. By about mile 7 I was ready to quit, but I kept pushing through. I tried to measure my run out so I ended back at my car at 10 miles but came up a little short. I would have finished those 0.2 miles but it was getting too close to boat time. I run the next two days, hopefully I recover before next weekend's long run.

Total Training Distance: 262.14 miles
Total Training Time: 1D 21:39:15

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