Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 188

Start: 6:29am
Weather: Clear, Windy and Cool
Time/Distance/Pace: 3:49:21 - 14 miles - 15:49

Thoughts: This was a cool trail run through Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, Massachusetts. I got up early and drove the 15 minutes to this forested park from my parent's house and the park was empty besides one other trail runner. The first half of the run was through rocky and rooted forest trail. It was mostly flat but was enjoyable for having to be careful about footing. The second half was along paved bike trails that wandered around Andrew River Reservoir and then through more forest. One of my favorite parts was running across the top of the dam that creates the Reservoir, with water on one side and a big, slopped, concrete drop-off on the other. By the time I puttered to 14 miles my foot was killing me again and the park was pretty crowded. A 5K was organizing as I was leaving the park and there were people everywhere. My time was terrible during this run because of my foot and for having to stop every half mile or so to check my map to make sure I was taking the correct turn on the multitude of trails.

Total Training Distance: 503.5 miles
Total Training Time: 3D 19:39:56

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