Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sugarloaf Marathon

Start: 7:00am
Weather: Clear and Hot
Time/Distance/Pace: 5:30:05 - 26.2 miles - 12:36

Thoughts: I had three goals heading into the marathon: complete it, go the entire time without stopping to walk, and finishing in under 5 hours. I accomplished the first one. The temperature was in the low 80s and the course followed the sunny side of ME 27. I made it to mile 17 fine, running a 10:30 pace, but at that point my feet, ankles, shins, knees and back started hurting. All of the small issues I had during training came to a culmination at that point. From mile 20 on I struggled; running until it hurt too much, walking until I felt I could run again. My brother met me at about 25.5 miles and ran with me the rest of the way. It was a pretty great moment.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 207

Start: 5:11am
Weather: Clear and Warm
Time/Distance/Pace: 20:38 - 2.07 miles - 10.00

Thoughts: My final training run. I started off going real slow but then met up with a friend on the road and ran with him at my normal pace. Now all I can do is wait until Sunday.

Total Training Distance: 549.02 miles
Total Training Time: 4D 3:41:58

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 205

Start: 5:04am
Weather: Rainy and Cool
Time/Distance/Pace: 30:37 - 3.06 miles - 10:00

Thoughts: Another run without any leg pain. I'm starting to feel good about taking four weeks between my longest run and the marathon as I feel that I've recovered a lot in this final week. I just hope that running the big distance won't be harder after a fourth week as compared to after the third week. I looked up the weather report for the marathon and it said it would be a high of 90 degrees, so that should make things interesting. I checked again later and it said 77 degrees. Either way it is going to be hot.

Total Training Distance: 546.95 miles
Total Training Time: 4D 3:21:20

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 204

Start: 5:11am
Weather: Clear and Cool
Time/Distance/Pace: 31:42 - 3 miles - 10:33

Thoughts: An easy three miles that went by quickly. No part of my legs hurt at all, so I was pretty happy with this run. I'm just about there, only two runs left.

Total Training Distance: 543.89 miles
Total Training Time: 4D 2:50:43

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 202

Start: 8:34am
Weather: Clear and Warm
Time/Distance/Pace: 1:14:34 - 7.08 miles - 10:32

Thoughts: My last "long run" on training. It is coming to an end. I felt pretty good for this run. My left knee finally didn't bother me. Maybe reducing my distances leading up to the marathon will pay off. My left achilles still has some pressure, but at this point I'm pretty sure it will hold up. It's crazy to think I'll be running a marathon in just one week.

Total Training Distance: 540.89 miles
Total Training Time: 4D 2:19:01

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 200

Start: 4:42am
Weather: Rainy and Cool
Time/Distance/Pace: 32:05 - 3 miles - 10:42

Thoughts: A soaking wet run, by the end I was drenched. It feels so odd to be running such short distances before the marathon. I sort of feel like I'm under training and ruining my odds of completing. But, I'm following a proven method of training.

Total Training Distance: 533.81 miles
Total Training Time: 4D 1:04:27

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 198

Start: 5:02am
Weather: Clear and Cool
Time/Distance/Pace: 33:48 - 3.28 miles - 10:19

Thoughts: Again my legs felt good but my left knee was pinching at the start of the run. There was an amazing sunrise so I changed up my regular route and ran down to South Beach to snap a picture of it. I ended up running further than I was supposed to, but I felt good so it didn't matter.

Total Training Distance: 530.81 miles
Total Training Time: 4D 0:32:22

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 197

Start: 5:03am
Weather: Clear and Cold
Time/Distance/Pace: 30:05 - 3.01 miles - 10:01

Thoughts: A nice quick run. It was surprisingly cold out, but the sun was coming up so it warmed up quickly. My left knee continued to pinch a little at the beginning of this run, but again loosened up and didn't bother me for long.

Total Training Distance: 527.53 miles
Total Training Time: 3D 23:58:34

Day 195

Start: 11:47pm
Weather: Clear and Warm
Time/Distance/Pace: 2:09:40 - 12.01 miles - 10:48

Thoughts: I ran the first half of this run by myself and then two of my brothers joined me for the second half. Within the first mile my left knee started to bother me. It was pinching ever once in a while and one time it was painful enough to hinder my stride and caused me to yelp. After that it loosened up and I was fine. The best news for me was that my foot didn't hurt the entire run. It was nice to have a warm and sunny run to end such a rainy week.

Total Training Distance: 524.52 miles
Total Training Time: 3D 23:28:29

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 193

Start: 5:05am
Weather: Clear and Cold
Time/Distance/Pace: 43:47 - 4.01 miles - 10:56

Thoughts: My legs felt pretty good for this run. I've been worried about my left foot for a few weeks now, but as my mileage tapers off in preparation for the marathon my foot is getting a better recovery between runs. Hopefully it will be 100% by May 20th.

Total Training Distance: 512.51 miles
Total Training Time: 3D 21:18:49

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 191

Start: 4:55am
Weather: Rainy, Windy and Cold
Time/Distance/Pace: 55:06 - 5 miles - 11:01

Thoughts: A rainy morning run, and I was worried about my foot. But, it made it the whole 5 miles without becoming painful.  It probably helped that I missed yesterday's 3 mile run.

Total Training Distance: 508.5 miles
Total Training Time: 3D 20:35:02